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Let Acme Machell be your outsourced rubber engineering source

Material Development and Quality Assurance Lab
*Description of Test Capabilities
*Laboratory Work Instructions and Applicable methods and standards
*Complete Equipment List
*Gauge Calibration
Acme Machell MDQAL is ISO 9001:2008 Certified and has the capability
to develop and test rubber materials for the automotive OEM, after market and
other commercial industries.  The lab also has capabilities to perform gauge
calibration on all types of gauges used for its laboratory and manufacturing processes.
  Monsanto TM100 Rheometer ___________________Rheological properties of rubber
  Mullen burst tester _____________________Fabric or fabric reinforced burst testing
  ASTM Compression set fixtures _________________________Compression set testing
  Thickness gauge, starrett _________________________________Thickness measuring
  Lab presses Acme Machell _________________________________________ASTM Slabs
  Torbal analytical scale _________________________Volume change, specific gravity
  Tensitech, Tech pro _________________________Tensile elongation gravity, tensile
                                                                elongation modulus, and tear properties
  Durometer shore testers ____________________________________Durometer testing
  Despatch oven ________________________Heat aging, post curing, compression set
  Lab mill 12" rolls _____________________________Development, sample preparation
  ASTM thermometers, Omega ___________________________Temperature validation
  Thermometer Fischer _________________________________Temperature validation
  Elcometer 345S _________________________________________Film thickness testing
  Nikon Optical Comparator ___________________________Dimensional Measurements
  Micro Vu ___________________________________________Dimensional Measurements
NAME: MFG MODEL                                                                                PURPOSE
  • CAD design capabilities using Solid Edge
  • Material Development
  • Design for Manufacturing
  • Fast Prototypes
  • Competitive Tooling Costs